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Food for Thought - National Maritime Museum


🎧 Interesting new work for the Food for Thought Exhibit at The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam 🎧

Our food and shipping are inseparable. Food is transported all over the planet; we receive avocados and mangoes in our supermarkets throughout the year. Yet, even our regional products, such as shrimp or cod from the North Sea, are also transported to the other side of the world to be filleted by cheap labor. What impact does all this actually have? Photographer and filmmaker Kadir Van Lohuizen delves deep into these issues while Big Orange - The Audio Agency was bringing the narrative to life through audio.

Thanks to Lelani Lewis-Wood, Jonas Kooyman (Havermelkelite), Maarten Remmers, Maite Vermeulen en Maaike Goslinga (Containerbegrip), Bart van Olphen, Jonneke de Zeeuw aka Mooncake.

Photos: Kadir Van Lohuizen

Rijksmuseum X ADE X Big Orange


Recording instruments at the Rijksmuseum at night with 3D mics, underwater mics, and dozens of condenser mics? And then Dj Upsammy and Tom Trago turning it into an awesome track? And all of this is going to be performed live tonight at the ADE opening in the Rijksmuseum tunnel???

This all sounds like such a cool project, and we're so stoked to have been a part of it. Big shoutout to Dj Upsammy, Valentina Magaletti, and Tom Trago for this amazing production, and a huge thanks to Frederique Van Reij and the Rijksmuseum. As always, it was an epic collaboration and an incredible experience.

Have a blast tonight at Breathe, Walk, Die in the Rijksmuseum tunnel!

Boijmans Van Beuningen in the Rijksmuseum


🔥 Exciting news! The Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen exhibition and audio tour ft. Raven van Dorst is now open at the Rijksmuseum!

For the audiotour production, we had the privilege of getting together with Raven and conservator Ludo van Halem, who graciously guided us through the exhibition. Their personal insights and expertise added a completely new dimension to the experience, providing a unique perspective on the works of art.

Luckily, we also brought our trusty companion, Henk, the spatialaudio microphone! Henk, alongside some extra microphones, captured every subtle detail and created an immersive experience, allowing you to feel as if you were right there, exploring the exhibition alongside Raven and Ludo.

From Yayoi Kusama to Pablo Picasso: a selection of the remarkable works from the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen collection can be found from Sept 29, 2023, until Jan 14 2024 at the Rijksmuseum.

Don’t miss out!

Thanks to Frederique Van Reij, great work!

Peelrandbruek Podcast Series


Peelrandbreuk! Peeeeeeelrandbreuk! How dare you call me this way, you shrimpy skimpy human beings! These are the first words of the new podcast fairy tale about the massive fracture zone that runs through the Peel. The origin story of the fracture comes to life with this story, written by Gouden Griffel winner Yorick Goldewijk narrated by Ron Boszhard and it is aimed at families with children. A project of Bestemming Noordoost-Brabant to add to education on this natural miracle.

Starring Maarten van den Broek, Rein De Laat MBA, Jos van der Wijst

Pim and Pom in the Rijksmuseum!


🐱🎧✨ We couldn't keep this from you :-)

Introducing Pim and Pom, an audio tour at the Rijksmuseum for families with children aged 3-6. Based on the popular cats by Fiep Westendorp, this adventurous duo comes to life as talking, cuddly animals (called Tellmies, by Go Wonder). Georgina Verbaan brilliantly voices both Pim and Pom.

Pim and Pom desperately need the help of children! A mouse has escaped from a painting, causing quite a bit of chaos: nibbling on the fruit in the paintings and playing tricks with the items in the dollhouses.

Bluetooth beacons in the museum trigger the cats' responses and guide the kids to locations in the museum where interaction or dialogue takes place. The result is a unique #audiotour full of interaction and humor. The children absolutely love it!

Thanks to Inge Willemsen, Rijksmuseum Photo: Bibi Veth

FLUGT wins 'International Exhibition of the Year 2023'


🏆 Wow...FLUGT - Refugee Museum of Denmark has received the prestigious award 'International Exhibition of the Year 2023' at the Museums + Heritage Awards in London. A truly astonishing museum located in the forests of Oksbøl.

The jury comments: "By cleverly connecting the outdoors, where much of the site’s heritage is hidden, this museum cleverly draws you into an immersive experience with personal stories and voices at its heart."

We are privileged to have been part of the team behind this meaningful project and would like to thank and congratulate everybody involved!

Tinker imagineers, Vardemuseerne, BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group, Kloosterboer Decor, Story Matters, Stouenborg, Shosho B.V., YIPP, Rina van der Weij, 50LUX - Lichtontwerp & advies, tonwelt – guiding solutions, Big Orange - The Audio Agency

Two Webby's for Johannes Vermeer Experience 🏆🏆


🏆🏆 The Rijksmuseum project 'Closer to Johannes Vermeer' starring Stephen Fry and Joy Delima has won two Webby Awards! Special kuddos to team Rijksmuseum, Q42 and Fabrique who created the website and app! Big Orange - The Audio Agency was responsible for interactive music, voice, and sound design. Check out the online experience here.

Nomination Best Podcast and Radio Imaging


🎼 🎶 Great news, we've been nominated in the category Best Podcast and Radio Imaging by Buma Music in Motion for our music for the podcast series 'De man met de Rammelaars', produced for the Jewish Cultural Quarter.

Check all three great nominations here! Thanks to Lotte Van Gaalen, Mirjam Knotter,, Lisa de Goffau, Leopold Witte.

New Big Orange Team member!


🔥🔥 Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team of audio professionals, Niels van Esch!

Niels has been a digital enthusiast for more than 2 decades and has successfully led Superhero Cheesecake as Managing Partner/Executive Producer the last ten years.

After taking a sabbatical year, he's eager to jump back into the industry. His impressive commercial expertise and passion for audio, culture and storytelling make him a valuable addition to our team. At Big Orange - The Audio Agency, Niels will be responsible for overseeing new business and partnerships.

Happy to have you on board, Niels!

Vermeer Exhibition, Podcasts and Online Experience


The most extensive Johannes Vermeer exhibition to date brings together 28 of the 37 recognized paintings by the enigmatic 17th-century Dutch master. The Rijksmuseum exhibition is a masterpiece in its own right and Big Orange - The Audio Agency was involved in several projects:

Two podcast episodes in which the life and work of Vermeer are highlighted, but it also gives an insight of how the exhibition came about.

Additionally, we created an audio tour specifically designed for visually impaired visitors, and an exquisite digital #onlineexperience that highlights each of Vermeer's works. The stunning digital online experience website takes a comprehensive look at each of Vermeer's works, allowing visitors to explore every detail.

Join Joy Delima (Dutch version) and Stephen Fry (English version) on an epic journey that spans over an hour as they guide you through Vermeer's masterpieces.

Credits to team Rijksmuseum, Fabrique and Q42.

Online experience



Audio tour for Jewish Museum Frankfurt


Frankfurt. The birthplace of Anne Frank, city of skyscrapers, city of banks, seat of the stock exchange and of the European Central Bank.

But Frankfurt would not be the city it is today without the influence of Jewish families like the Rothschilds, or the Frank family, whose tragic fate touched millions through Anne's diary.

We produced an audio tour for the Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt. A special mission for us, especially because of the story of the Frank family, whose history can still be felt every day here in Amsterdam. And on their way to the studio, our employees regularly see the impressive graffiti of Anne Frank with the inscription "Let me be myself" on the NDSM site. The history of the Frank family is part of the DNA of the city of Frankfurt and also of the DNA of the city of Amsterdam.

We are proud that we can help ensure that these stories are told and never forgotten.

Big Orange creates audio tour for Amsterdam Light Festival


During Amsterdam Light Festival Edition 11: Imagine Beyond, which kicks off on 1 December, the public will be guided past 20 different light artworks in the tour boats. Through audio storytelling, the audience is transported to the stories behind the works of art. Gijs Scholten van Aschat plays an unpublished poet who takes you on a 'pleasantly comical and informative way' during the 75-minute cruise.

Scheepvaartmuseum - Audio Tour Mens Op Zee


What role does the Sea play in your life?

In the new photo exhibition “Mens op Zee” Het Scheepvaartmuseum, together with the Dutch National Portrait Gallery, presents various stories of people who went to the sea with different motivations. Big Orange - The Audio Agency produced an audio tour in which Wijnand Stomp, a theatre maker and storyteller, takes you as a presenter.

To better understand the stories behind these photos, we have included interviews with the photographers, but sometimes also with the people who can be seen in the photos, or their relatives.

Visit the new exhibition in the Maritime Museum and hear the story of the people who fled Vietnam at night on a wooden boat. Or of the photographer who secretly took pictures of the half-sunken cruise ship Costa Concordia. Or the story of one of the first women who went to sea with the Dutch Navy...

Kunstluister - New Podcast Series


Rijksmuseum has a new podcast series: Kunstluister. In collaboration with screenwriters, actors and the Education Department of the Rijksmuseum, we created this 7-part spherical series with stories, poetry, sound experience and music.

Thanks to Frederique Van Reij, Sander Kollaard, Jacob Derwig, Maud Wiemeijer, Eline Hendriks, Keja Kwestro, Jürgen Tjon A Fon, Süheyla Yalcin, Yaël Speck, Zaire Krieger, Gershwin Bonevacia, Aart Jong, Wim Hanenberg

New Podcast Series: Raymann's Favorites


Looking for art podcasts? Big Orange produced the audio and music for the Rijksmuseum: Raymann's Favorites. Surinamese-Dutch comedian Jörgen Raymann has immersed our studios in Amsterdam for 6 episodes in exciting and partly polarizing subjects. For example: the role of the Netherlands in colonial times, looted art and our traditions such as the Sint-Nicolaas feast. What role does art actually play in all of this and what can we learn from it?

Check out the Raymanns Favorites podcast in your favorite Podcast app, or visit

Thanks to Frederique Van Reij ING Netherlands Pablo Pichel

New audio tour for Maritiem Museum Rotterdam


What a nice guy in our studio today! Thx Wilfried, for your great performance for the new outdoor audio tour for Maritiem Museum Rotterdam

Soundlogo KRO-NCRV


🎶EARWURM ALERT 🎶 Big Orange composed the new #soundlogo for KRO-NCRV, matching the new positioning of the broadcaster. Thonik developed a super recognizable visual identity and asked us to bring it to life with music. From today you can see and hear the complete TV and radio programming of KRO-NCRV. Thanks to: Sandra Hilster Peter Kuipers Thomas Widdershoven Nikki Gonnissen Roy Terhorst Suzan Bloemscheer Jelleke Raats Roel Stavorinus RM

🎧3D Audio Experience for Teylers Museum!🎧


The impressive Oval Hall of Teylers is the heart of the museum and is known as the place where exciting experiments have always been performed for the public. Famous were the experiments that Martinus van Marum (1750 - 1837) carried out with the so-called "electrostatic machine", a machine with which electricity could be made visible, which must have been a magical experience for visitors at a time when electricity was new. The 3D Audio Experience that Big Orange - The Audio Agency developed takes you back to that time at the end of the 18th century, and lets you hear what it must have been like back then...

Texts by Floor van Lissa, Actors Quiah Shilue, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Adam Fields with thanks to Maaike de Bie, Debby Scholtes

Museum Flugt opening!


Last week I've had the privilege to be present at the opening of FLUGT - Refugee Museum of Denmark by the Danish Queen Margrethe. The new museum is located on the site of the largest refugee camp in Denmark, in the woods outside Oksbøl. The impressive building was designed by BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group and consists of a curved modern building made of wood, glass and steel. The museum exhibition is designed by Tinker imagineers. The Big Orange team has been working on this project for the last 1,5 years, which, in terms of audio production is immense. We've created over 700 minutes of (3D) audio and music and worked with over 60 actors from Denmark, Germany and Great Britain to make the most immersive audio experience possible. It's been a creative, technical and productional challenge, but it was an awesome ride :-)

Thanks to all people we've met, we've created stuff with and that helped us throughout this meaningful project FLUGT!



What does it mean to be a refugee and what it is like to stand on the other side as the recipient country?

We are very excited to be involved in this meaningful project, 'FLUGT'.

FLUGT is the Refugee Museum of Denmark. The completely new museum will be built in the remnants of Denmark's largest refugee camp, in the woods outside Oksbøl, where 35.000 German refugees formed Denmark's fifth-largest city for five years following World War II.

Tinker imagineers has asked Big Orange to help produce an immersive 9D Audio Experience in the forest, as well as develop all audio content inside the museum. The museum will be opening in the summer of 2022! Lad os gå!

🙏🏻 to all people at Tinker and Vardemuseerne Nils van Keulen Erik Bär Emmeline Nijsingh Léon Wijnhoud Paul van Houten Nienke van den Berg Joost van der Spek Anne Sofie V. Christensen Pia Uth Claus Kjeld Jensen Helle Ølgaard Stina Troldtoft Andresen

Visual: Tinker imagineers

6 Things Your Podcast NEEDS in 2022


With companies like KLM, eBay, Johnson & Johnson, and American Express (plus more) all hopping on the branded podcast wagon, it’s clear this medium is here to stay. And, with more folks working from home in post-pandemic life, we expect both the branded podcast and internal podcast to continue to thrive in 2022. Below, we explore what your series needs to succeed next year — including the things increasingly savvy audiences have come to expect. Let’s dive in.

Polestar 2


Recording the Sound of the Polestar 2, with our binaural microphone, Henk! Stay tuned for the complete 9D audio experience, later this year, somewhere, on an online platform near you...🎧

Vital Info: Podcast Consumption Statistics All Brands Should Know


Get to now all the facts and figures on padcasting. A must read for brands! Read here

🍁Autumn TIP #4🍂


Do you like art podcasts? Check out 'In the Rijksmuseum' For example the new series ''18th century'', where the first 2 of 8 episodes can now be listened to. Or the bonus episode “Don't forget me” Nice if you're going to visit that exhibition, or have already visited it. Or any of the other 50 episodes ;-)

Wanted immediately: Entrepreneurial office management and communication intern


Wanted immediately: Entrepreneurial office management and communication intern

At Big Orange - The Audio Agency, we tell stories of brands and museums in audio.

We are creative makers and our composers, marketers and project managers enjoy working with brands, creative agencies and museums on top quality audio productions. We do this for the Rijksmuseum, ABN AMRO, Volkswagen and NETFLIX, among others.

We are growing fast and that is why we are looking for an enthusiastic and studious intern who wants to strengthen our office in Amsterdam. The activities are diverse and mainly focused on support in communication, operations and office management.

Example work

Office management tasks (orders, customer reception, making coffee)

Administrative actions (entering receipts, drawing up invoices) cleaning and refilling voice-over file

Taking on small projects (customer contact, pre-selection of voice casting, drafting a quote, arrangements/planning)

Turn off external communication and make (social) media posts.

We want you!

Are you a cheerful MBO or HBO student with an eye for detail who's following a course in office management, communication, commercial economy, secretariat or (financial) administration? Then we would like to get in touch. We are happy to organize the internship together with you to get the most out of it for both parties. So you can largely fill it in yourself.

🍁Autumn holidays TIP #1🍂


The Maritime Museum - Amsterdam.

This is the unique retrospective about father and son Willem van de Velde. Two leading marine painters in the seventeenth century, each with their own specialism: pen painting and oil painting. This includes a fun audio tour in which presenter Lucas De Man reflects on the work of the Van de Veldes together with various guests. In collaboration with radio station Classicnl, Dominic Seldis has selected music for various works.

How Can a Company Podcast Help My Team?


Embrace the company podcast to boost communication, build culture, and foster wellbeing for your entire team.

Growing in popularity, company podcasts, also known as internal podcasts, are making waves and changing the status quo for a wide variety of teams. Employed by world-leading brands, these high-quality productions are for your people only — just as the name suggests — and, when applied correctly, pack benefits that will positively impact not only your business but the experience of everyone on your team. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the benefits an effective company podcast can pack for the folks at your company. Read More

Blind Spot Project


Dutch museum fills ‘Blind Spot’ with exhibit for visually impaired.

Utrecht Central Museum launched a very special project by Jasper Udink ten Cate and Jeroen Prins this month to make artworks more accessible and enjoyable for the visually impaired.

BBC news mentioned the project! Check here.

The exhibit recreates existing paintings but with extra dimensions combined different senses, such as sound and smell – including the aroma of ripe cheese. And for once, people are allowed to touch.

We are thrilled to have filled the auditory sense in this experience with music, sound design and 3D narrative audio.

Next up is Milan, Masterly Exhibit, Dutch pavilion 5 - 10 September

Member in the spotlight - Jos Jansen


As posted by ADCN: Club for creativity: Our next Member in the Spotlight is Jos Jansen, Founder of Big Orange, a contemporary audio agency based in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Jos is Partner, Creative Director, Composer and Sound Designer. He focuses on developing Immersive Podcasts, Creative Audio Tours, Audio Experiences and Original Soundtracks for brands and cultural organisations. Yet his passion for music doesn’t stop there, Jos is also a singer and plays piano and guitar. Read the article

The sound of 'Doodstil'


How does 'Dead Quiet' sound? .......? --------? """""""?

At Big Orange - The Audio Agency we like a challenge, which is why we have given the Groningen village 'Doodstil' its own audio identity in the form of a soundtrack and sound logo.

In collaboration with Dorpsbelangen Zandeweer Eppenhuizen Doodstil and the residents.

De Soundtrack 🎧:

Radio 1 journaal:


What Can 3D Spatial Audio 🎧 Do For Brands?


Founder and Creative Partner, Ad van Dongen, wrote a piece on #spatialaudio — an exciting technology changing the face of audio storytelling.

All brands need to pay attention. Read here

Seaweed sausages and insect burgers?


Read about our podcast series for ABN AMRO MeesPierson 'Destination 2032' on Business Insider. And for more indepth info, check out that podcast 🎧

Graphite Pencil at the D&AD Awards


To execute such an innovative idea by 215 McCann is a joy to work on, and the reward, well...

Graphite Pencil at the D&AD Awards for Xbox Series X “Walking in Steve’s Dreams

Royal opening exhibition Slavery!


The wait was long, but King Willem-Alexander opens the exhibition Slavery this afternoon (Tuesday, May 18th) in the Rijksmuseum. The opening will be broadcasted live by the NOS at 3.55 pm via NPO1. The highlights of the opening can be seen in a special evening broadcast at 10.35 pm, which also includes interviews and reports.

The Slavery exhibition will be accessible to everyone online from Tuesday afternoon, May 18th, via the Rijksmuseum website.

The Slavery exhibition will open to the general public as soon as possible and will be on display until August 29, 2021.

ABN AMRO Podcast: Destination 2032


We are proud to present 'Destination 2032'. Our latest project commissioned by ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

In this 4-part podcast series, Anic van Damme visits inspiring experts and entrepreneurs who think from the future.

We dive into the world of alternative proteins, the office of the future, a property-free existence and we discover how we can take control of our own health. In this way, as an entrepreneur, you remain at the forefront of tomorrow's society.

Listen here: ABN AMRO Website Spotify Apple Podcast

Many thanks to everyone who made 'Destination 2032' possible: Lisendy Frederik, Marike Siekman-Tuinstra, Anic van Damme, Miriam van 't Veer, Ruben Smit, Ad van Dongen, Nadia Menkveld, Alexander De Kleermaeker, Rob Morren, Joost Wouters, Edward de Jager, Daan Luining, Hans Dagevos, Erik de Heus, Thea van Kemenade, Hugo Westerink, Willem Peter de Ridder, Peter den Hartog, Han Mesters, Thomas Antonioli, Emily Gray and Nancy Bocken

Mengelberg's List


On the 4th of May, the EO will broadcast the documentary "Mengelberg's List". A documentary about the world-famous conductor of the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Willem Mengelberg. Because he had Nazi sympathies, he was severely punished after World War II and dismissed as a collaborator and traitor. However, it now appears that he was also actively involved in the rescue of dozens of Jews. The documentary is about whether Mengelberg should be remembered for the lives he saved, or whether the label 'war criminal' suits him better.

The documentary is full of music composed by Big Orange and produced by MOONDOCS, directed by Jaap Van Eyck. Don't forget! Tuesday 4 May, 10:45 PM, NPO2.

Webby nomination for XBOX


Help us out! We are nominated for the Webby's!

The Webby Awards are the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet. The Branded audio experience that we made in collaboration with Xbox, Microsoft and McCann215 called ‘’Xbox Series X: Walking In Steve’s Dreams’’ received a nomination. We are nominated in the category ‘’Social’’ for ‘’Experimental Innovation’’.

Click here to vote

Thanks for your support!

thepowerofsound #xbox #webby #audio #bigorange #seriesx #3daudio #binaural

2020. What a year!


And while it's not in our system to look back too often, it's still highly rewarding to see how many brands, museums and organizations grasp and appreciate the importance of great audio.

Thx to team Big Orange: Ad van Dongen, Vincent de Koning, Jos Jansen, Vincent Witte, Jolien Neperus, Alexander De Kleermaeker, Rik Rensen.

Rijksmuseum - Slavery Exhibition


“An exhibition about slavery. Not as an abstract concept, but in the form of personal and true stories. Stories from Brazil, Suriname and the Caribbean, as well as from South Africa and Asia ”. This is how the Rijksmuseum itself describes the exhibition that we have contributed to in recent months. A sensitive subject. A period of 250 years that is an inseparable part of our history. An important topic. A subject that will now have its own exhibition, on which we have contributed in recent months. For us a fantastic challenge to provide this exhibition with two audio tours. Ten impressive stories about ten people from this period. Narrated by, among others, Joy Delima, Remy Bonjasky and Glenn Helberg, who each have a bond with one of the ten people from their own background. Children can listen to a separate tour in which narrator Yosina Rumajauw goes back in time with the listener. The exhibition “Slavery - ten true stories” opens in the spring of 2021, in the Rijksmuseum.

3D audio explained


We get a lot of questions about 3D audio (or 9D, which is a different name for the same thing 😀). A couple of years ago we created this short movie in which our Ad van Dongen explains the complete thing in a nutshell. Check it out here, all you 3D, 8D, 9D, binaural lovers! And don't forget to put on your headphones.

2 Podcasts #1 on Apple Podcasts


We’re proud to say that 2 of our podcasts are on the number 1 spot of all time in their respectable categories on the Apple Podcasts charts: For Places & Travel we lead the charts with "Verborgen Verhalen" for ANWB. A podcast that takes the listener to all the outskirts of the Netherlands. Investigating if local stories and legends are truth or fairytale.

For Visual Arts we take the lead with “In het Rijks”. In this podcast, curators, experts and artists tell remarkable stories about Artworks of the Rijksmuseum and their makers. We want to thank everybody for listening and voting and also the amazing team of people we get to work with on these fantastic projects.

Verborgen Verhalen: Marvin Jacobs, Maaike Luijer, Niek-Jan Lathouwers, Pascal van Hulst, Born05

In het Rijks: Frederique van Reij, Wieneke ‘t Hoen, Marieke Zekveld, Rijksmuseum

Romance in Hanoi


Last week the album "Romance in Hanoi" by cello player Ha Mien has been released in Vietnam. The album is an intercultural cooperation between our Ad van Dongen and Ha Mien, it's a meeting of East and West. Ad composed 4 songs and arranged 2 traditional Vietnamese songs. The album will be available on Spotify shortly. Meanwhile here's the videoclip of the opening song Firegirl.

Rijksmuseum Masterpieces Up Close


Have you seen the Rijksmuseum online masterpieces tour yet? It grants everybody a unique opportunity to digitally walk in the great Gallery of Honour of the Rijksmuseum and experience all the masterpieces with our accompanying audiotours. Zoom in closer than you could ever stand in front of the Nights Watch and see the masterpiece in the highest detail. Hopefully next year we’ll be able to welcome you again and you’ll be able to see everything in the museum and hear all our audio tours ;-) Experience it for yourself at

Sounds of Amsterdam


Every year, around 5 million tourists visit the beautiful city of Amsterdam. This year has seen quite a drop in these numbers, and we're sure we don't have to tell you why. The past week we've been working on bringing this great idea by our friends from Natwerk to life. To give the the followers of I amsterdam a little taste of our city, we made a 3D audio tour that sonically teleports you to different spots. Showcasing what the different neighbourhoods of Amsterdam have to offer. Right now we're waiting for better days. Until then, put on your headphones and immerse yourself in the typically Amsterdam sounds from the comfort of your home. Check de 3D audio experiences here.

T-Mobile introduces 9D audio thriller 'Caller Unknown'


We're thrilled (pun intended) to share the audio-thriller we've created with CODE D'AZUR for T-Mobile. In "Caller Unknown" we placed the listener in the middle of an exciting story using 9D audio.

Tasers, guns, dreams, fast driving cars, crime scenes. A true Hollywood story brought to life with sound design and voice acting by Monic Hendrickx, Victor Low and Sergio Hasselbaink. If you have time, don't miss out on this one.

Emerce Wrote an article about this project.

XBOX - Power Your Dreams


New work for Xbox. Yay! Xbox Series X powers your dreams, and for the launch of the all-new console, Xbox partnered with dream scientists and the dream recording technology, Hypnodyne, to explore what gamers dream of after playing for the first time on the most powerful Xbox ever. Our part in this collaboration with Xbox was to bring the dreams of visually-impaired gamer #BlindGamerSteve, to life through immersive 3D spatial sound. The result: “Walking in Steve’s Dreams” Check out his actual 100% real dream about Destiny , press play, and close your eyes . . .

Kansfonds with Murth Mossel


Always nice to work with the great Murth Mossel. What a voice ... This time for Kansfonds, with their beautiful campaign for homeless young people.

In Europa - The sex of the strongest


The twenty-part series in which VPRO travels through today's Europe together with Geert Mak, continues.

We have already arrived at Season 3 Afl. 12 - The sex of the strongest. The hashtag #metoo conquered the world in 2017. But when journalist Tristane Banon told about the sexual assault by Dominique Strauss-Kahn in 2007 and 2011, all of France fell over her. Watch this beautiful episode here, while enjoying the soundtrack we composed especially for In Europe.

Watch here

ANWB Verborgen Verhalen


Episode 7 of Verborgen Verhalen is finished, waiting for you in your favorite podcast app!

What is true of the countless stories about the hellhound? The animal with fire-breathing eyes would wander around in the Achterhoek, near the village of De Lutte. When you meet the beast, people close to you will be affected by disaster. And that is more than just a strong story, as our Pascal discovers during his search for this mythical animal.

Listen here

ANWB - Hidden Stories Podcast


Last month, the Hidden Stories podcast, which we produced for the ANWB, was number 1 at Apple Podcasts in the "Places & Travel" category. Yay! Great time to check it out! 8 stories from the ten-part series are now live. Stories in which you are taken to unknown places in the Netherlands. Each episode a mystery is unraveled for you.

Check the trailer here.

Virtual Amsterdam Marathon


Every year, TCS Amsterdam Marathon fills the streets of Amsterdam with runners from all over the world. This year the virtual edition fills your headphones with a 3D audio experience. During the experience, DJ MACKS (Max Krul) plays you the hottest tracks, taking you on an energetic run enriched with a custom made, Amsterdam themed audio experience. We recorded typical sounds in 3D, like bicycles, trams and barrel organs to give runners a realistic experience of running a marathon in this beautiful city. And of course it wouldn't be a marathon without people cheering you on from the sideline. Listen here and experience it for yourself. (Don't forget to put on headphones for the full 3D effect.)

On the road with henk


Another day on the road with our beloved friend Henk, our 3D audio microphone. He didn't want to wear a mask, but luckily all of us did. Can you guess what we have been recording? There's a main theme going on here. The past weeks we've been working on this special project.

Rijks podcast with Janine Abbring


The recordings are finishied! We've included a ton of interesting interviews for Season 2 of #inhetRijks, where Janine Abbring interviews several guests about 17th century artwork. And the first episode of Season 2 is already online! It's about how sculptor Gregor van der Schardt made a self-portrait in 3D. Not particularly easy if you don't know what your own crown looks like 😉 Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast app. Or here at the Rijks website.

Celebrating 20 years of sound!


20 years ago, as three freshly graduated students, we founded Big Orange. Soon after we opened one of the first professional recording and production studios in the centre of Utrecht. Forward 20 years, 108 awards (#truestory), 1254 bottles of champagne and 5 kids, we are still going strong. Thanks to a fantastic team, great clients, and awesome friends and family. Our team members suffer from a weird kind of fatigue occasionally (see 4 pictures at the bottom), but we still carry them through making great music, producing the most bizarre sound design and recording the best actors in the world. Due to Corona, we can't organise a kick-ass party to celebrate this year, but we definitely will next year! @everybody: thanks for the great ride so far, and let's keep creating beautiful things together in the next 20 years!

3x Dutch Creativity Awards 🔥 🔥 🔥


We are very proud that Memorials of Amsterdam has been nominated for three Dutch Creativity Awards! In the categories Outdoor, Media and (extra especially for us) Craft - Sound. During Remembrance Day on May 4, Memorials of Amsterdam turned outdoor advertisiments into temporary interactive memorials to tell stories and honor the dead. In these short binaural stories (or 8D audio as it is now also called) you heard about events in World War II, which took place at the site of the outdoor advertisement. A truly wonderful tribute and an honor to be part of this fantastic team ❤ Special thanks to N = 5 Egotribe National Committee May 4 and 5

Podcast Rijksmuseum


Worldwide there reamain about 600 drawings from the 15th century. The Rijksmuseum has a couple of them. The makers are often unknown, but the drawings do tell a lot. What do they say? And why were they made? Listen to a new episode of the podcast #InhetRijks.

Rituals Branded Podcast on sleep


How have you been sleeping lately? For us it’s important to get some good rest after working in the studio. But what makes for a good night's sleep? And what are the most important factors for your bedroom interior? To answer these questions, We created a branded podcast for Rituals Cosmetics together with Born05. In this week's episode of The Art of Sleep, “the ultimate bedroom”, Michelle Ogundehin and Nerina Ramlakhan discuss exactly what a bedroom interior should be like and what you can do to make the most out of your nights' sleep. Presenter Chris Chambers and Creative Director at Rituals Dagmar Brusse reflect on these tips. Listen to the newest episode of the Rituals podcast “The Art of Sleep”