2 Podcasts #1 on Apple Podcasts


We’re proud to say that 2 of our podcasts are on the number 1 spot of all time in their respectable categories on the Apple Podcasts charts: For Places & Travel we lead the charts with "Verborgen Verhalen" for ANWB. A podcast that takes the listener to all the outskirts of the Netherlands. Investigating if local stories and legends are truth or fairytale.

For Visual Arts we take the lead with “In het Rijks”. In this podcast, curators, experts and artists tell remarkable stories about Artworks of the Rijksmuseum and their makers. We want to thank everybody for listening and voting and also the amazing team of people we get to work with on these fantastic projects.

Verborgen Verhalen: Marvin Jacobs, Maaike Luijer, Niek-Jan Lathouwers, Pascal van Hulst, Born05

In het Rijks: Frederique van Reij, Wieneke ‘t Hoen, Marieke Zekveld, Rijksmuseum

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