The Dimensions
of Sound

Sound affects every aspect of our daily lives. It makes your heart beat faster. It triggers memories, emotions and moods. We develop complete “audio experiences”. Including immersive podcasts, creative audio tours, memorable sonic identities, smart campaigns and original soundtracks for brands, agencies and cultural organizations.


We produce professional podcasts for brands. A Podcast is the perfect instrument for brands, museums and other institutions to relate to their audiences. It's the listener’s personal choice. The content must move them. Grab their attention. At Big Orange we help develop and produce branded podcasts. Strategy, concept, production and distribution. We do this from our professional studios in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

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Audio Tours

Big Orange creates professional Audio Tours for museums and brands. You want to connect with your audience? You’ll be surprised how vividly and colourfully your information can be presented. Most of the audio tours we’ve produced are used in museums, but brands can also benefit. For example, an audio tour of your company, or a walk-through of how your product works. And all in multiple languages.

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In the professional recording studios of Big Orange in Amsterdam and Utrecht, we work on the most diverse campaigns, in which audio plays an important role. A well casted voice over and a professional voice over recording is key to a succesfull and memorable campain. Audio branding or Soninc Branding is probably the most vital part of modern marketing strategy. Why? Because sound speaks to our deepest instincts, bypassing the rational brain. Well-chosen sounds stick in the minds of potential customers. We help brands and organizations find the most suitable voice and music for their brand.

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We have been telling award-winning stories through music since 1999. Our uncompromising composers and sound designers work closely with the creative team. That’s how we breathe life into the artistic vision of the project. Producing killer soundtracks, interactive musical soundscapes or just a few moving tones.

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