Rijksmuseum - Slavery Exhibition


“An exhibition about slavery. Not as an abstract concept, but in the form of personal and true stories. Stories from Brazil, Suriname and the Caribbean, as well as from South Africa and Asia ”. This is how the Rijksmuseum itself describes the exhibition that we have contributed to in recent months. A sensitive subject. A period of 250 years that is an inseparable part of our history. An important topic. A subject that will now have its own exhibition, on which we have contributed in recent months. For us a fantastic challenge to provide this exhibition with two audio tours. Ten impressive stories about ten people from this period. Narrated by, among others, Joy Delima, Remy Bonjasky and Glenn Helberg, who each have a bond with one of the ten people from their own background. Children can listen to a separate tour in which narrator Yosina Rumajauw goes back in time with the listener. The exhibition “Slavery - ten true stories” opens in the spring of 2021, in the Rijksmuseum.

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