Scheepvaartmuseum - Audio Tour Mens Op Zee


What role does the Sea play in your life?

In the new photo exhibition “Mens op Zee” Het Scheepvaartmuseum, together with the Dutch National Portrait Gallery, presents various stories of people who went to the sea with different motivations. Big Orange - The Audio Agency produced an audio tour in which Wijnand Stomp, a theatre maker and storyteller, takes you as a presenter.

To better understand the stories behind these photos, we have included interviews with the photographers, but sometimes also with the people who can be seen in the photos, or their relatives.

Visit the new exhibition in the Maritime Museum and hear the story of the people who fled Vietnam at night on a wooden boat. Or of the photographer who secretly took pictures of the half-sunken cruise ship Costa Concordia. Or the story of one of the first women who went to sea with the Dutch Navy...

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