Vermeer Exhibition, Podcasts and Online Experience


The most extensive Johannes Vermeer exhibition to date brings together 28 of the 37 recognized paintings by the enigmatic 17th-century Dutch master. The Rijksmuseum exhibition is a masterpiece in its own right and Big Orange - The Audio Agency was involved in several projects:

Two podcast episodes in which the life and work of Vermeer are highlighted, but it also gives an insight of how the exhibition came about.

Additionally, we created an audio tour specifically designed for visually impaired visitors, and an exquisite digital #onlineexperience that highlights each of Vermeer's works. The stunning digital online experience website takes a comprehensive look at each of Vermeer's works, allowing visitors to explore every detail.

Join Joy Delima (Dutch version) and Stephen Fry (English version) on an epic journey that spans over an hour as they guide you through Vermeer's masterpieces.

Credits to team Rijksmuseum, Fabrique and Q42.

Online experience



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