Food for Thought - National Maritime Museum


🎧 Interesting new work for the Food for Thought Exhibit at The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam 🎧

Our food and shipping are inseparable. Food is transported all over the planet; we receive avocados and mangoes in our supermarkets throughout the year. Yet, even our regional products, such as shrimp or cod from the North Sea, are also transported to the other side of the world to be filleted by cheap labor. What impact does all this actually have? Photographer and filmmaker Kadir Van Lohuizen delves deep into these issues while Big Orange - The Audio Agency was bringing the narrative to life through audio.

Thanks to Lelani Lewis-Wood, Jonas Kooyman (Havermelkelite), Maarten Remmers, Maite Vermeulen en Maaike Goslinga (Containerbegrip), Bart van Olphen, Jonneke de Zeeuw aka Mooncake.

Photos: Kadir Van Lohuizen

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