Rijksmuseum Pim & Pom

  • Product


  • Client


  • Voice actor

    Georgina Verbaan

  • Script

    Vera van de Meeberg

Pim and Pom is an audio tour specially developed for families with children aged 3 to 6 years and is based on the popular cats Pim and Pom by Fiep Westendorp. The naughty cats Pim and Pom are brought to life as two Tellmies, created by the design agency Go Wonder.

What are Tellmies? They are talking, cuddly animals that take a child on a discovery tour through the museum. Pim and Pom have a mission: a mouse has escaped from one of the paintings in the Gallery of Honour. It's a complete disaster: the mouse is nibbling on the fruit in the paintings, messing with the items in the doll houses, and who knows what other damage it could cause. The children's help is desperately needed!

An excerpt from the Pim & Pom audio tour for the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

The Challenge

Georgina Verbaan enacts both Pim and Pom, two distinct characters with their own unique personalities. How do you create a sense of interaction between the two cats? And how do you ensure their voices remain distinct? How do you guide the kids to the right locations? Will they be engaged by the interaction of Pim and Pom?

The Result

To achieve a sense of interaction between Pim and Pom, Georgina Verbaan directed by our voice director skilfully differentiated their voices and thus brings their individual personalities to life. Through her talent, she creates a dynamic dialogue between the two characters, allowing their interactions to feel genuine and engaging.

In terms of guiding Pim and Pom to the appropriate locations, the use of Bluetooth technology and strategically placed beacons allows for seamless navigation. The beacons in the museum trigger the cats' responses, guiding them to specific areas where their interactions or dialogue are intended to take place. This ensures the kids are in the right places at the right times.

The result is a completely different audio tour, full of interaction and humour. The kids just love it.

Check it out, at the Rijksmuseum!

Photo by Bibi Veth

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