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Imagine... It's 2024 and Trump is re-elected... Immediately, he reverts to being the archetypal playground bully and takes revenge on the countries that were happy to see him go. How? He pulls the plug on all Cloud Services being used in Europe...

Could this actually happen? Could the plug be pulled from the cloud? We trust IT to work properly, and assume that the world will keep functioning. We don't really question how it all works anymore. Nevertheless, a minor detail has the potential to abruptly upend everything.

The Lockout

The challenge

Design an audio experience/ podcast that tells a fictional story about what could happen if Trump were to pull the plug on all American cloud servers in Europe. Make it as realistic as possible with increasing tension throughout the story. Show the disastrous consequences for Dutch society that completely derails in one day.

The result

We created a thrilling audio story with the renowned actors Marcel Hensema, Greg Shapiro, Jurjen van Loon, Ine Kuhr, Mimoun Oaïssa and Marina Witte. The audio story discovers a dark side of the dependence on IT.

The Lockout is part of a campaign to promote awareness of IT dependency. The audio experience forms the heart of the campaign, along with a series of expert in-depth interviews in NRC Handelsblad.

The Lockout can be found on all major podcast platforms


Zandbeek: Liesbeth van den Dries, lead design Eelco Anneveldt, copywriter, Jasper van Zandbeek.

Yaworks: Bart Deuss.

Actors: Marcel Hensema, Greg Shapiro, Jurjen van Loon, Ine Kuhr, Mimoun Oaïssa, Marina Witte

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