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"How does happiness come in chocolate?" That question is answered at Maestrani's Chocolate Factory of Happiness: Chocolarium.

Chocolarium is a Swiss chocolate factory and museum located in the town of Flawil, Switzerland. The Chocolarium is a popular tourist attraction that offers visitors a unique and interactive experience of chocolate-making and the history of Swiss chocolate. Big Orange was commissioned to create a spatial 3D audio tour in 3 languages.

Chocolarium spatial audio tour

The challenge

Every chocolate museum in the world tells the same information about the secret recipe, main ingredients, temperature, origin of raw materials, etc.

However, Chocolarium focuses on one central question: "How does happiness come in chocolate?" The entire audio tour revolves around this question, and all information is based on it.

The result

When entering Maestrani's Chocolate Factory of Happiness, visitors step into a unique world. The professor of Happiness takes the (young) visitor by the hand to guide them through the Chocolarium in 3D spatial audio. Meanwhile, children can discover in a fun and playful way how happiness comes in chocolate, in spaces with names like Ingredients Port, the complete golden room Happiness Seal, and Laboratory of Inexplicable Happiness, where experiments take place. At the end of the Chocolarium, the Chocolate Foundry awaits, where visitors can make their own chocolate with the help of an inspiring recipe board.

Overall, the audio tour is an excellent way to enhance the families experience of Maestrani's Chocolate Factory Chocolarium and gain a deeper understanding of Swiss chocolate-making.

We found ourselves doubly happy - not only did we savor the delicious chocolate, but we also thoroughly enjoyed the fun project.

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