De Man met de Rammelaars

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    Audio agency Airborne

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    Joods Historisch Museum

De Man met de Rammelaars E01

In this four-part podcast series, Lotte van Gaalen goes in search of the story behind Heinz Keijser's curious collection. What is an elderly gentleman doing with 900 baby rattles?

Big Orange composed the soundtrack and was responsible for all audio in the podcast.

In episode 1 Lotte can already see a few rattles in the depot of the Jewish museum, and Mirjam tells about the discovery of a bundle of papers that put everything in a new light.

We made this series together with Airborne and of course with the nice people of the Jewish museum, such as Mirjam Knotter and Lisa de Goffau. The voice of Heinz Keijser is performed by Leopold Witte.