De Man met de Rammelaars

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    Audio agency Airborne

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    Joods Historisch Museum

Heinz Keijser loved collecting antiques and was especially intrigued by the stories and history behind each item. When he stumbled upon a collection of old baby rattles at a flea market, he started buying a few to add to his collection. Over time, he amassed an impressive collection of over 900 baby rattles, despite his friends and family being perplexed by his strange fascination with these simple toys.

When Lotte van Gaalen heard about Heinz's collection, she decided to investigate and soon discovered that the rattles were more than just a hobby for Heinz. They were a window into the past, with each rattle having a unique story that Heinz spoke about with great passion and enthusiasm.

As Lotte delved deeper into the collection, she realized that the rattles represented a time when things were made by hand and meant to last, and that each rattle was a connection to our shared history. Heinz's collection became a reminder of the importance of preserving our past and the stories that make us who we are, and with each rattle he added, Heinz contributed to the preservation of our shared history for future generations.

De Man met de Rammelaars E01

Lotte van Gaalen sets out to unravel the mystery behind Heinz Keijser's intriguing assemblage in a four-part podcast series. What led an elderly gentleman to accumulate 900 baby rattles?

The podcast's audio was expertly crafted by Big Orange, who was responsible for all the sound and music.

In the first episode, Lotte catches sight of a few rattles in the Jewish museum's warehouse, while Mirjam shares the story of discovering a package of documents that casts a new light on the situation.

We collaborated with Airborne audio agency on this series, and worked closely with the amiable individuals from the Jewish museum, including Mirjam Knotter and Lisa de Goffau. The role of Heinz Keijser was played by Leopold Witte.

"The Man and the Baby Rattles" has been awarded with silver during the Dutch Creativity Awards ceremony.