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Out Travel the System by Expedia is a podcast designed to help you dig under the surface and find the answers to all of your questions before, during, and after your trip. Because with more than 20,000 travel experts, partners and suppliers at our fingertips, who better to help you navigate the complex world of travel than Expedia?

Expedia Podcast Episode Bucket List

The Challenge

Expedia wanted to be seen as a more “helpful” brand by adding a podcast to their series of thought leadership channels. But in such a crowded space (travel podcasts) we had to make the show unique. The challenge was to engage with listeners so that Expedia can be seen as a more “helpful” brand.

Our partner JAR Audio started by conducting an intensive strategy session with the communications team at Expedia. Digging into the audience, their needs and listening habits we developed a persona for our listening audience.

Then we leaned into what Expedia does well. Expedia is a service built on its data and travel expertise. So, naturally, we wanted to leverage this data. This is how Out Travel The System was born. The show was crafted to give travellers a sneak peek behind the curtain of the travel world, arming them with insider tips, tricks and hacks for how to get the best out of their travel.

The Results

"Out Travel the System is designed to help you dig under the system and get everything you need to book travel that fits your schedule, tastes and budget." Nisreene Atassi - Director of Global Communications, Expedia

To craft the show format and season arc we leaned on the brand’s access to data and the over 20,000 travel experts connected with the brand to help listeners navigate the complex travel world.

Each episode digs deep into a certain topic and is purposefully designed to be a resource for travellers. The show was not designed to be a serial, but instead a helpful guide on unique travel challenges.

Want to take your family on a road trip through all the National Parks? We got that. Nervous about travelling solo? We have that, too. Ever plan to take a trip back “home” to visit the place where your ancestors came from? Just press play.

The Outcome

  • 95% average listen-through rate per episode.
  • 300% increase in listenership year over year.
  • Over 200 listeners giving a 5 star review.
  • Featured on the home page of Expedia.com
  • Featured in a custom carousel on Stitcher for travel podcasts, “Experience New Places”.
  • Ran a promotion on TED Talks Daily.
  • Lonely Planet updated their top travel podcast list to include the podcast.
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