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    Noord Brabants Museum

Step right into the pages of art history without leaving 's-Hertogenbosch! Previously, if you wanted to feast your eyes on the Brueghel family's famed artworks, you'd have to pack your bags for Paris, Berlin, Milan, or Boston. But now, Het Noordbrabants Museum is hosting a spectacular gathering of five generations of Brueghel genius, featuring an array of eighty paintings and prints. It's not just an exhibition; it's a family reunion!

Soundscapes for Brueghel

For two of the rooms, we've designed an audio and music experience to complement the Brueghel paintings displayed there. We've crafted a surround soundscape, delivered through several speakers strategically placed around the room, to create an atmosphere that enhances the viewing of the artworks. Visitors can choose specific spots to fully immerse themselves in the audio elements of the soundscape, or simply roam around the room and enjoy the soundscape as a subtle, ambient backdrop.

Photo's by Jan-Kees Steenman

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