Dutch Resistance Museum

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    Exhibition Design: Ilona Laurijsse, Constructor: Kloosterboer Decor, Video: ShoSho, Interactives: Yipp

On December 1, 2022, Princess Margriet opened the renewed permanent exhibition of the Dutch Resistance Museum.

The exhibition consists of six periods in which visitors experience personal stories of people involved in and around the resistance. Each period is introduced by a pivotal film. The audio tour provides additional context for each period, and the poignant personal stories offer a human perspective.

The exhibition also features multiple interactive installations. All audio is available in 7 languages.

Keerpuntfilm Verzetsmuseum
Verzetsmuseum audiotour

The Challenge

6 films, 20 audio tour points, and 100 personal stories (totaling 3 hours of audio) in 7 languages.

When dealing with a large quantity and diversity of content about a single theme/subject, it is crucial that it remains cohesive. Everything should seamlessly connect with each other. The exhibition should feel like one entity, a symbiosis between sound and design while respecting the stories.

The Result

The sound design and music compositions for the films have been translated into the audio tour and personal stories for each period.

A total of 45 minutes of film score and sound design have been created. This has been seamlessly integrated into the audio tour and personal stories, using techniques similar to those used in games. The music usage, inspired by documentary approaches, supports the storytelling in a way that leaves an impression on the visitors without over-dramatizing it.

A new generation is emerging that can no longer have direct contact with survivors of World War II. Because the stories from that time are still relevant today, and unfortunately always will be, we have chosen to bridge the gap to the personal stories by using voices from the present. Instead of elderly individuals reminiscing about the past, we have young voices who convey the experiences as they were.

The exhibition has been made fully accessible for people with visual, physical, or hearing impairments. We have collaborated extensively with advisory groups, ensuring that the audio provides a complete and equal experience for all visitors.

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