Amsterdam Light Festival

  • Client

    Amsterdam Light Festival

  • Product

    Audio tour

  • Voice Actor

    Gijs Scholten van Aschat

  • Script

    Ferry Piekart

  • Video

    Xinix Films

Amsterdam Light Festival and Big Orange have joined forces to produce an audio tour during Amsterdam Light Festival Edition 11: Imagine Beyond. Especially for this year, Big Orange developed a GPS-driven audio tour with celebrated actor Gijs Scholten van Aschat, for everyone who visits the festival by boat.

During this edition, Amsterdam Light Festival takes visitors into the world of the imagination. In the tour boats, the public is guided past 20 different light artworks. Through audio storytelling, the audience is transported to the stories behind the artworks and this year's festival theme, Imagine Beyond. Gijs Scholten van Aschat plays an unpublished poet who takes you on a pleasantly comical and informative way during the 75-minute cruise.

Amsterdam Light Festival

The result

The collaboration combines Amsterdam Light Festival's knowledge of light artworks with Big Orange's storytelling expertise. The common goal is to unlock the stories of the works of art in an inspiring and innovative way in an accessible way. The audio tour can be listened to in both Dutch and English.

Audio Director Jos Jansen says: “By working together with Amsterdam Light Festival, we get the opportunity to communicate directly with the festival visitor through audio. We work with one of the best actors in the Netherlands and a professional screenwriter. This allows us to tell the information of the works of art in a way that is incredibly fun to listen to, and above all, that will leave a lasting impression. We hope to provide the many visitors with a great evening!”

Cindy Moorman, Amsterdam Light Festival adds: ”With this year's theme, we take you to the world of the imagination. We have all experienced in recent years that the world around us is temporary and can suddenly be completely different. It is precisely then - when everything around us is moving and nothing seems obvious anymore - we need the power of our imagination. With the audio tour, we invite you to let go of reality for a while. Build castles in the air, see the world upside down, fly through the portals, imagine a world of giants. Let the stories and artworks transport you to other worlds and Imagine Beyond.”

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