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A special and moving exhibition in the Rijksmuseum that is definitely worth viewing... and listening to:

"Revolution! Indonesia independent'

The exhibition offers an international perspective on Indonesia's struggle for independence in the years 1945-1949 through the stories of eyewitnesses.

Example of the family tour

Herman van der Zandt reports on these testimonies in the audio tour. A story from varying Indonesian, Dutch and international perspectives, which provides insight into the more than 200 exhibited objects.

A story you want to hear until the very end.

Thank Wieneke 't Hoen for the free hand we were given in audio production.

Screenwriter: Steven R. The. Voice actors: Herman van der Zandt, Bo Bojoh, Levi van Kempen, Silver Metz, Esther Scheldwacht, Eli Thorne, Grainne Delany, Joey Hereman. Archive material: Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

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