The Sound of Doodstil

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Many villages in the Netherlands have their own national anthem, but not a single village had its own soundtrack before. In collaboration with Big Orange, the sound of the picturesque North-Groningen village 'Doodstil' has been summarized in its own tune. A piece of music in which characteristic sounds of the small town can be heard in an almost cinematic sound. From the wind, the birds and the yelling of children, to the sound of the barrier at the bridge so characteristic of the village.

The Sound of Doodstil

The challenge

When we initiated the idea of ​​a village sound, the residents initially reacted enthusiastically but above all surprised. What does the sound of a village sound like? It was also a special job for composer and owner of Big Orange Jos Jansen: “How does something sound which name refers to silence? There was a great challenge to give the village 'Doodstil' its own sound. The history, essence and values ​​that live in the village have inspired me to write a Soundtrack and Sound Logo. Now that the village has its unique sound, it will never be quiet again in Doodstil!”

The result

Doodstil, which is located at the top of North Groningen, was voted the most beautiful place name in the Netherlands in 2005. The Association of Village Interests Zandeweer Eppenhuizen Doodstil has been involved in the making process from the very beginning: “It sounded like a complicated project and given the name Doodstil, it was an almost impossible task. But after extensive consultation and in close collaboration with the neighborhood association 'Doodstil Springlevend', Big Orange has succeeded in re-imagining our beloved village in a soundtrack. We really recognize ourselves in the sound and are extremely proud of this scoop of a first village sound!”

With live interviews on all national radio stations, and free publicity in the major Dutch newspapers, this was also a successful PR campaign for both Doodstil and Big Orange.

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