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For the launch of the all-new Xbox Series X, Microsoft partnered up with dream scientists and the dream recording technology 'Hypnodyne' to explore what gamers dream of after playing for the first time on the most powerful Xbox ever. Our part in this fantastic collaboration with Xbox was to bring the dreams of visually-impaired gamer Steve Saylor, AKA #BlindGamerSteve to life through immersive 3D spatial sound. The result: "Walking in Steve’s Dreams."

Listen on your headphones, press play, and close your eyes...

The Challenge

How do we get the dreams of visually impaired Youtube star and gamer to life?

The Result

Using the most advanced dream recording technology, dream scientists conducted lucid dreaming experiments, capturing and decoding the real dreams of gamers after they experienced Xbox Series X. After all dreaming data was collected, we created an immersive and accessible 3D spatial audio adventure story inspired by the real dreams gamer #BlindGamerSteve had, after experiencing the new Xbox game Destiny 2: Beyond Light. The story gives listeners a sense of how BlindGamerSteve experiences dreams. Listen here to what Steve had to say about his dream we created.

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