Volkswagen Road Tales

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    Podcast, Campaign

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    ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen

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    Robot Kittens

Volkswagen Fairy Tales For The Road are interactive listening stories for the road. Together with the best children's book writers in the Netherlands, a ride on the highway turns into a fantastic adventure. Through smart technology, every story automatically adjusts to your route. In this way, the environment of the highway comes to life and you drive through the fairy tale with the whole family.

Fairy Tales For The Road - Campaign Movie
English version of one of the Fairy Tales For The Road

The challenge

How can we trigger children to look outside during a ride on the highway, in stead of to their screens?

The results

Through the use of actors, interactive music and sound design we created a fantasy world outside the car. Because the stories changed depending on time and gps location, kids started to look outside again and let their imagination go free.

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