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How can bank data analysis help fight modern slavery?

Many people who are exploited in work situations don't realize they are victims. When nobody tells you about things like minimum wage and legal working hours, how can you be helped?

One solution is to detect such cases proactively, by following the digital fingerprints hidden in banking data. In this first episode of Forensic Finance, we look into this innovative new technology to tackle the $150 billion human trafficking industry.

Forensic Finance - E01 Human Trafficking

The challenge

Create a podcast series that shows the state-of-the-art technical challenges at ABNAMRO, in order to attract developers.

The results

At this moment we've created a series of episodes about bank data analysis to detect human trafficking and money laundering, with more to come. In each episode, we hear the experiences of a forensic professional, a victim of the crime and a data analyst from ABNAMRO.

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