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When the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam reopened in 2015, there was an urgency to re-define the way people were going to learn about the giant amount of art, available at the Museum. A new multi-media app was created, which became the standard in modern museum storytelling.

Example a of 'stop' - Listen with headphones for a proper 3D experience!
Listen to a few examples of our work for the Rijksmuseum

The challenge

Rijksmuseum asked us to think about an audio strategy to create a unique and recognizable sound of the Rijksmuseum.

The results

For all audio tours, we created a 3D sounding tour guide and used 3D binaural sound effects. By using this 3D audio blueprint we made sure that every 'stop', in every language sounded the same. Furthermore, we created a music family to tie all the 'stops' together, written in a pace which triggered a natural walking speed for the visitors. Currently, we delivered over 15 different audio tours in 9 languages.

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