Museum of Resistance Audioexperience

  • Product

    Audio Tour

  • Client


  • Voice Actor

    Eric Corton

Risk Of Explosion! The attack on the Amsterdam population register. Eric Corton takes you on an exciting story about the attack on the Dutch population register. Meet 6 artists from the resistance, create false identity cards and decide whether you will or will not use force during the secret operation. But be careful, because before you know it you end up on death row…

Campaign film
3D Audio example of the Audio Tour - Use headphones!

The challenge

The client: "Because of the limited space at the exhibition, we need sound to make it feel 'bigger'. Create a multi-lingual audio experience that makes the listener feel he/ she is right in the middle of the things happening."

The results

We created the 3D audio tour for this exhibition as well as the soundtrack and trailer. The sound of the tour is created literally around you, in 3D Audio 🎧,, so the whole tour feels extremely immersive like you are really there.

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