De Boer & de boer

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A unique award-winning campaign for Nespresso. Nespresso has a strong position as a premium lifestyle brand, but the direct involvement in every step of the production process to guarantee the highest quality coffee is less known. Nespresso, therefore, came up with the storytelling campaign De Boer & de boer: The journey from coffee berry to cup.

High-quality content in which photographer Sacha de Boer takes the viewer to Colombia to discover the story and the people behind the quality coffee.

The challenge

Imagine yourself in the world of coffee plantations in Colombia. Greenberry asked us to create a full 360° sounding experience with voice, soundscapes, interface sounds for the website and a tailor-made soundtrack.

The results

A interactive online platform, where you can take a look at the coffee plantations with 360° video's or as a virtual reality experience on the Samsung Gear VR. We produced the voice in mono, the music in stereo and the soundscape in 3D binaural, thus creating an Audio Experience with great depth and realism.

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