The Power of Podcasts

We produce professional podcasts for brands. A Podcast is the perfect instrument for brands, museums and other institutions to relate to their audiences. It's the listener’s personal choice. The content must move them. Grab their attention. At Big Orange we help develop and produce branded podcasts. Strategy, concept, production and distribution. We do this from our professional studios in Amsterdam and Utrecht.


Informational Podcasts

Sharing knowledge and information can sometimes be challenging. For Big Orange every challenge is an opportunity, to create enjoyable podcasts to help people discover the new, the interesting and the noteworthy.


Branded Podcasts

A branded podcast is an inspirational instrument. You can attract your target audience in an engaging and immersive manner. Adding brand value in a format that the modern listener will enjoy and keep listening to. We help you develop the strategy, creative format, scripting, producing and recording the podcasts in our studios. And you don’t need to worry about distribution. We take care of that too.


Educational Podcasts

It’s the most accessible way to share educational content with your audience. The perfect method for students to both listen and understand.


Heritage Podcasts

The history of your company, presented in a series of audio documentaries. Past, present and future, told by the most important people throughout the years, or by a professional voice over. Sound design and music will bring the story to life. A perfect audio document for stakeholders, current and future employees.

Examples of Podcasts

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