Audio Tours

Big Orange creates professional Audio Tours for museums and brands. You want to connect with your audience? You’ll be surprised how vividly and colourfully your information can be presented. Most of the audio tours we’ve produced are used in museums, but brands can also benefit. For example, an audio tour of your company, or a walk-through of how your product works. And all in multiple languages.


Audio Guides

Who wants an audio guide with a monotone voice and standard plain information? Nobody! Using the best actors, skilful sound design and customised soundtracks, we create audio content that’s fun to hear and keeps the audience listening to the very end. We also work with world leading hardware developers to ensure hassle-free technical and creative content solutions.


Audio Experiences

There’s so much more to storytelling than you might at first think. In fact, you won’t believe your ears. Consider location-based audio, 3D tot 8D binaural recording, multi-channel audio, audio objects, audio for VR and AR and more!

Examples of Audio Tours

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