Doom of Van Imhoff

  • Product


  • Client

    BNN/ VARA - Episode One

  • Directors

    Kees Schaap & Foeke de Koe

  • Orchestra

    Metropole Orchestra

Van Imhoff is a Dutch steamer that's bombed by a Japanese plane and sinks. The Dutch captain decides to save himself and his crew, but hundreds of German civilian prisoners drown. After the War, the story is carefully covered up in The Netherlands. Now, the Austrian great-grandson of one of the survivors contacts Anouk Hoeksema the Dutch granddaughter of the captain for information. Strangely she knows nothing about the Van Imhoff disaster. Together they undertake a journey to uncover this secret story, in which they learn shocking facts about their ancestors. The series takes place in 1942, near the coast of Sumatra.

Dutch broadcaster BNN/VARA commissioned Big Orange to compose the complete soundtrack. Check out this behind the scenes footage.

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