Global Audio Alliance

Big Orange has entered into a global strategic partnership, combining our world class experiential audio storytelling with JAR's industry leading branded podcast services.

The Big Orange x JAR Audio partnership results in a powerful combination: Big Orange is built upon audio designers, composers, audio strategists and creative directors, who use their experience in creating award winning branded audio experiences. And JAR Audio is comprised of journalists, writers, audio specialists, and marketers who understand the role a podcast plays in brand storytelling. Our services are now tied together with industry leading client experience and project management.

New services added for our Branded Podcasts department

With the Global Audio Alliance we add journalists, strategists, marketing specialist and data analysts to our company, allawing brands to enroll their (multi-lingual) podcast globally, by an international dream team. Through the Global Audio Allience we proudly add the following services to our Branded Podcast department:


While the podcast is being produced, our technical team is setting up the podcast RSS feed and connecting the podcast to all podcast directories using a host server. This is what gets the podcast onto Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc. There’s a lot of them, and they change all the time, but we have it covered.


Now that the podcast is live, we can pull in all sorts of data. The data is broken down into 2 distinct types:

Consumption Data tells us how much of the podcast is being listened to. Where are people dropping off? Where are they skipping?

Analytics tells us how many downloads we are seeing, what country (or city) listeners are coming from, how old they are, what devices are they using, etc.

Don’t worry...we help to translate all of this for you in a monthly report, plus we give you access to the real-time data.


Knowing who your audience is (through our research), JAR’s audience growth team develops a marketing strategy, then executes on that strategy.

The 6 angles in our plan include: :

  • Content Marketing
  • Publicity Campaign
  • Spotlighting
  • Cross-Promotion
  • Paid Media
  • Owned Channels

Each of our plans is unique and is tailored to the audience, your budget, and the metrics we are measuring.