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Developing strong stories in narration, music and sound is our passion. We love every single thing about creating audio strategies and concepts, which help our clients bring their stories to life. The researching, the recording, the text writing, the sound design and of course, the music composition. We take pride in using the latest techniques to achieve an even better audio experience. Think about 3D audio, 8D audio, 5.1 mixing and Dolby Atmos productions.

Our services
  • 01 Strategy

    What's your story?

    We work hand in hand to determine the needs and goals of your project, brand or organization. We focus on your values, translating them into an audio strategy. One that will activate your target audience and increase engagement.

  • 02 Concept

    Creating fresh ideas

    We develop a number of audio concepts to “soundify” the strategy. All our proposals will be based around continuity and diversity. Good stories need strong storylines and a top-notch script. Therefore, we team up with the best script writer for your particular job.

  • 03 Production

    Producing the right sound

    Our award-winning editors, composers and sound designers will make sure you get the best narrative, music and sound. Everything from small voice-only recording sessions to large multilingual interactive location-based 3D VR projects. We're specialised in the use of 3D audio, 8D audio, 5.1 surround mixes, and Dolby Atmos productions.

  • 04 Distribution

    Making your story heard

    We take care of the distribution to all the selected platforms. To guarantee the best user experience, we deliver the final audio in the perfect format tailored to the specific hardware used by the venue or audience. It’s only delivered after we’ve tested everything thoroughly. And tested it again.

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Jonathan Steetskamp
Jonathan Steetskamp

Audio Engineer
[email protected]
+49 152 33807621

Alexander De Kleermaeker
Alexander De Kleermaeker

Business Director
[email protected]
+31 (0)6 158 43 641

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